The System

The Loadshare system comes complete with air bellows, mounting hardware, brackets, pressure control system and installation instructions. The air bellows and brackets are designed to fit in the open space between the axle centerline, spring package and the bottom of the vehicle frame, as illustrated in Pictures 1 and 2 below.

System Operation

There are several possibilities when considering the air bag system operation or control. Three of these systems have been tested and are supplied as standard equipment.

System One

Regulated air pressure is supplied to the air bellows. This controlled or regulated air pressure will fill each bellow extending it in length. Therefore, as the air spring is located between the axle and the vehicle frame, the truck/trailer suspension will be leveled to the proper height. If the vehicle was loaded with payload, the air bellows would transfer part of the weight directly to the axle and through the tires to the pavement. Therefore, this will help to reduce the load transferred through the leaf springs and shackles, reducing the amount of wear on these particular components.

The air pressure is controlled by means of a pressure regulator which can be adjusted manually by the operator or truck driver. Pressurized air is supplied to one side of the regulator and the controlled air is released into the system. This can be accomplished by use of a knob or lever on the regulator unit. The required air pressure can be read on a pressure gauge located in the system. The required air pressure is supplied by the vehicle's standard air compressor system as outlined on the schematic. This control unit is usually installed in the vehicle dashboard.

System Two

The second system consists of two air pressure control kits designed to operate each air bellow independently. The reason for such a system is to maintain proper ride height when one side of the vehicle carries more load than the other, such as snow plow applications. In this case the air bellow requires more air pressure to level the vehicle frame.

System Three

This particular air bellow system is controlled using a load-leveling valve installed between the vehicle frame member and the axle(s). A height controlling lever and rod arrangement is installed with one side connected to the vehicle axle and the other attached to the load-leveling valve. As the truck frame lowers down due to the loading, the axle will tend to move upwards. This can be caused by road imperfections or vehicle weight. As the axle raises through its range of motion the lever motion adjusts the leveling valve and the air pressure to the bellows is increased or decreased modifying spring length and therefore frame height. The load leveling air valve is attached to the axle via a connecting rod, prior to valve installation it is very important to establish the correct vehicle ride height.

System Components

Canadian Loadshare® manufactures the mounting hardware. The system is designed to fit various applications and the air bellows are made to fit all specific applications. All other components used in the system are purchased items.

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