A pusher axle/suspension is usually installed between the front (steering axle) and the drive axle(s) on straight trucks and trailers. This suspension, (No.2) is known as a pusher axle in the industry.

A pusher axle/suspension is usually installed behind the rear drive axle(s) on straight trucks and trailers. This suspension, (No.4) is known as a tag axle in the industry.

  1. Front Steering Axle
  2. Pusher Lift Axle
  3. Tandem Axle Group
  4. Tag Lift Axle

In 1988/89 Canadian Loadshare® customers began to complain of excessive weight transfer, when the pusher or tag axle was lifted. This weight transfer would provoke extreme sagging of the truck and/or trailer suspension springs, resulting in premature spring failure and in the case of steering axle suspensions, steering problems.

Canadian Loadshare® installed air bellows between the axle beam and the vehicle frame rails or leaf springs.

Picture No.1 shows an air bellow system installed between the suspension springs and the truck frame rail.

Picture No.2 shows an air bellow installed between the suspension axle and the vehicle frame.

Purpose of Dual Bag Installation

Two air bellows are installed on either side of the vehicle centerline to keep the vehicle from sagging to a specific side. This is accomplished by supplying the air bellows with a controlled air pressure. These pressurized bellows are now capable of transferring a portion of the vehicle weight directly to the axle(s) centre. The use of such an air bellow system will keep the truck/trailer frame from sagging in instances where the weight is shifted, such as under braking or load transfer when lifting auxiliary axles.

In the case of excessive weight on one side of the vehicle, for instance snow plow trucks equipped with wing blades, a second air pressure control system can be used to supply a specific air pressure to the proper side of the vehicle.

Single side kit is also available.

The Benefits of an Air Helper Spring System

Various systems have been tested under the most rugged conditions and in all cases a 100% improvement in vehicle performance was observed. Listed below are several benefits noticed when using the air bag setup.

  • Eliminate leaf spring sag
  • Frame was kept level under braking
  • Frame was kept level when weight was shifted
  • Frame was kept level when auxiliary suspensions were raised
  • Improved steering characteristics of the vehicle
  • Extended the life of the steering, spring and pivot bushing components
  • Vehicle handling was improved
  • Weight distribution was improved
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