Loadshare was originally designed for trucks with liftable pusher axles. Pusher axles are part of an aftermarket-installed suspension and are usually installed to increase payload or to legalize a vehicle. However, when this axle is raised in loaded condition, part of the weight carried by this axle is now transferred to the front steering axle with the balance of this weight going to the tandem axles. Raising the lift axle is particularly needed in case of non self-steering types when negotiating a turn or backing up. This weight shift to the front steering axles creates, at times, steering problems when the vehicle is loaded. This problem is caused by extensive sagging of the front axle springs and can reach loads as high as 30,000 lbs. Also, this problem is worse on tucks equipped with parabolic springs. These are wide leaf springs and are extra long, which give a smooth ride but are not very suitable for trucks with pusher or tag axle suspensions and will sag excessively.

To overcome some of these problems, we experimented with installing air bellows between the front steering axle and truck frame. By doing so we now could control the amount of sag and the amount of weight shift by keeping the truck frame up or level. The best place for mounting the air bellows was on top of the spring package and between the bottom truck frame for least interference with vehicle equipment. Because most of our customers are directly related to the construction industries, our Loadshare kit was originally installed on vehicles such as concrete mixer trucks, block trucks and dump trucks. Loadshare kits are doing an excellent job on these trucks and have been in use since 1989 with little or no problems and these trucks are used in most severe conditions.

Loadshare kits are now being used on conventional cab-over trucks, refuse compactors, utility trucks, snowplows, busses, concrete mixers, dump trucks, highway tractors, trucks equipped with lift axles, trailers, etc.

Loadshare offers greater steering stability, decreases leaf spring repairs and keeps the truck level. The system is capable of accepting 9,500 lbs. from front spring loads while maintaining truck frame height. Air pressure to the air bellows is regulated by an in-cab control Dual cab control is available and is used on snowplows equipped with wing towers and under graders.

Loadshare kits have been installed successfully since 1989 and the installation take approximately 6 hours. Loadshare kits are sold and manufactured in Canada by Canadian Loadshare® Suspensions Inc., and are sold in the United States by Canadian Loadshare® Suspensions Inc. (Only the best products are used in the Loadshare kits and of course the world's No.1 air springs - Firestone).

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